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  • Liliana Merino

    Liliana Merino
    Founder and President

    "By taking care of the smallest details Viracocha guarantees the successful creation of unforgettable experiences."

  • Nelly Huamán

    Nelly Huamán
    Incoming Director

    "I am passionate about quality and service and with Viracocha I found the perfect team."

  • Luis Alcázar

    Luis Alcázar
    Director of Marketing

    "Peru inspires me. Interaction with the local communities is the ingredient that turns a trip into a great experience."

  • Alejandro Maldonado

    Alejandro Maldonado
    Tour Director

    "My mission is to show you the magic in your guided visits and the small details that make it a unique experience. Come to Peru and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!"

What We Are Known For

Personalized Service

Personalized service is our trademark and quality is our identity. Let your imagination fly and we will take care of the rest.


Viracocha works for you around the clock. We take care of any requirement or inconvenience and always keep the client informed.


With over 30 years experience creating unforgettable travels, Viracocha is a company you can trust to make your travel details worry-free. Pricing and conditions are always guaranteed.


Viracocha is committed to loyalty. We work hand in hand with our partners establishing relationships that go beyond business.


Viracocha is a synchronized team, capable of organizing and operating trips with the precision
of a Swiss watch.

Social Responsibility

Our people and our natural resources make Peru unique. We are committed to giving back to the community and to preserving the environment.

Our Team

Viracocha has 35 plus years of experience with international clients. Our team combines knowledge, professionalism, and vitality in order to provide the best personalized customer service possible.


Client Testimonials

I want to thank you for your hospitality and kindness. I congratulate the team at Viracocha for their outstanding daily work, we will never forget the warm welcome we received from you.

Sara Martínez

Sara Martínez
Commercial Department-CATAI, Spain

Partners for over 20 years, Viracocha provides excellent service at all levels (management, reservations, guides, transportation and most importantly whenever there are changes). Our clients continue to be impressed.

Alex Burridge

Alex Burridge
Managing Director – SATC, Australia

Viracocha provided an incredible, and educational trip to Peru. The guides were impressive with their knowledge and reliability.

Garrett Korn

Garrett Korn
Peru, Ecuador, and Chile Travel Specialist




Peru: A Country with Endless Possibilities

Blessed with thousands of years of history and with extraordinary geographical diversity, Peru is a country of contrasts, fusions and warm people.

Discover it, feel it, enjoy it and share it!

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